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Special edition 2020

A "Diapason d’Or" for the TB140 !

A very pleasant surprise with this Kora model, the most accessible of the range and devilishly musical. Because the French brand has developed a completely new principle which consists in using the same tubes (ECC82 and ECC83 in triode) for both the preamplifier part and the amplifier. The signal is therefore transmitted to the transistor output stages without any real modification, this in favor of a very decreasing distortion.


Obviously the success is total, the music flows with a lot of naturalness, ease and strong pretty tones. On violins in particular, so demanding, which rediscover their smoothness, their original tonal richness. The sound image seems to be rid of the slag heard in too many transistor amplifiers. A great discovery.


Strong musical sense, beautiful timbre and transparency.

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