Our goal: be true to our customers!
We are devoted to music, all kind of music.
We are committed to maintaining a very high-quality standards on our products.

All the high-fidelity Kora elements are designed and engineered by a team of R&D specialized in high precision instruments for laboratory use. They also are long time passionate audiophiles. Kora Company can also count on the listening expertise of professional musicians as well as internationally recognized solo artists.

All the Kora products are also fully designed and hand assembled in Toulouse, the cradle of the European Aeronautical industry.  Thanks to this strategic localization, Kora can draw on an extensive network of highly qualified subcontractors and suppliers, used to providing extremely high-quality products and services.

Kora High Fidelity S.A.S.U.

10bis route d'Ax

31120 Portet Sur Garonne


05 34 51 53 18



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